Multiple Teams · Senior Signing Day

On the morning of Tuesday, May 23rd our Reagan family congratulated our 2017 senior football members on their accomplishments this year, and their exciting plans for the future.

Our senior class has young men who are entering the military, four year colleges, and several who are continuing their student athlete career by playing football on the college level!

Our seniors signed a commitment as follows:

As a graduating senior I acknowledge that I represent Reagan High School, my family, my coaches, and my fellow classmates and I commit to:

  • Always give EFFORT in my college classes and post secondary endeavors
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE in my studies, work, and to the people who have helped get me there
  • Be a leader of my FAMILY and community as an example of post-secondary success
  • Be TOUGH and show high character when facing obstacles in my path

I agree to the above standards and to live out our school motto “Not Without Honor”


We are incredibly proud of our seniors and wish them the best on their future endeavors.


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